The Devon Rex look


The devon rex look is a very unusual one.

You may think it resembles an alien, a pixie, the inhabitant of a fairy world.

His coat is short and curly, softer than you can imagine if you have never touched one!

The devon rex body feels warmer than that of other cats because the devon has less hair to isolate your hand from the higher temperature that all felines

have. It is a real joy to cuddle one.

His head is small, with giant ears set very low on the sides of his head,

and big, oval eyes.

A short head with broad cheekbones and a strongly marked nose stop

when viewed in profile. His chin is strong, he has fat whisker pads, a long and thin neck like ET- extraterrestial. Stephen Spielberg was inspired by his pet devon rex when making the movie.

He has lovely short and curly whiskers!

The devon rex body size is small to medium, with small oval paws and a long thin tail. Adult devon rex cats should have a soft and curly coat, densely covering the back and sides but thinner on the head, legs and tail.