The Devon Rex temperament


The devon rex temperament is even more strange than his look, and is also what the devon rex owners love so much, and fall in love with, after living with a devon for just a few hours.

In the devon world it is called "devon addiction", don't laugh about it as you will understand what addiction is when you own your very first devon rex and when you will need more ;-)

The devon rex is a forever child with his favorite activities being playing, cuddling, and finding ways to tease and annoy his favorite people. The devon rex is expert and efficient at such things.

Devons can have very different temperaments: there are devons who love to spend all day being cuddled, others prefer to play and others would rather eat all day long! Most like to do all, in different proportions! They cannot live without cuddling and this is why a devon rex is unable to live alone happily when their owners work all day long. It's very important to let him be part of the family and include him in every part of your life!

During the night he sleeps on your bed, even better if under the covers snuggled against you or even on top of your warm body. If you have neglected him during the day you must expect to be awakened during the night to cuddle or even play.

What comes to my mind when thinking of a devon rex playing is psychosis and obsession! At least this is what I think when I spend an hour and a half launching a mouse or another toy for my devons to retrieve.

It becomes a routine: launch the toy - run to catch the toy - bring back the toy - cuddles - another launch.

And so on for as long as you have the strength to keep going. Well, seeing how satisfied, happy and joyful your devon rex is during this game keeps you from stopping untill your nerves start to fray or your arm falls off.

You will be surprised of what a devon can think of to annoy you or just help you in its own special way. Just try to sweep the floor with a devon trying to eat your broom while it's moving. Be alert for the devon rex paw that will slap the food off the end of your fork . Try taking a bath and noticing the bathroom door opening ever so slowly and hoping that your devon will not decide to join you in the tub again. They do that, you know!

You will wonder why your mere entry into the kitchen is like a siren going off in the head of every devon in the house- a siren that screams- "fooooood".

You may think about confing your devon in your bedroom for an hour so you can get a few things done without interruption but that plaintive voice begging to rejoin you will have you rushing to get him. Good thing, too, or how would raise his voice loud enough to tell the entire world how cruel you are to shut a poor, innocent kitty in another room while you have fun doing incredible and wonderful things without him.

Additionally devons are always hungry. You will not believe your eyes. Never leave food unprotected!

You may think you have hidden or sufficiently protected your food but they will organize theirselves and soon or later it will be theirs unless it is locked away! Never be inattentive when you cook or your meat will be on the floor in just an instant.

Never feel pity or give in to those big, imploring eyes or you will never again stop their begging. Devons are very clever, extremely intelligent and superb manipulators.

An important feauture a devon owner must have? Patience :-) But sure enough, you will be rewarded with lots of love and a much more active and funny life