Devon Rex cattery with Love!



Welcome to our website, we hope you will enjoy your visit!

The CybeRex Devon Rex cattery is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

I have been breeding since 1999 and I breed for type and a typical devonish attitude, but a good health is my first goal. I work with lines selected in the first place for their good health, for a very devonish temperament and an alien look.

CybeRex kittens are real crazy aliens, and they come in most colors, even if I am especially in love with pointed, silver and chocolate devons, mainly tabby.
If you have any question or want to visit me, just contact me via email.

CybeRex is a CFA registered cattery. We are part of the Devon Rex Breed Club and of the Devon Rex Breed Council.


We are breeding Gittan very soon :) We will have kittens most likely in october.


Feel free to visit the kittens page to have a look at our kittens: past, present or incoming!


Our cattery cares a lot about the good health of our cats and kittens. There are a few conditions to which Devon Rex are predisposed. We test our breeding cats on a regular basis to make sure that our kittens will be as health as possible. We have an optimized vaccinations protocol suggested by the UC Davis University to ensure our kittens will not become chronic carriers of herpesvirus and calicivirus. Here you can find some articles, while in the following weeks I will publish additional information on the health of the Devon Rex breed.

Our litters from last year!

If you want to give a look at what was born last year in our cattery here there are some pictures!

Gittan’s kittens

Pippi’s kittens